Café Trends 2020

2020 Feb 20

When it comes to sweets, many people will think of chocolate bars on the shelves of a supermarket, though higher quality undoubtedly exists. True candy lovers aren’t satisfied with anything sweet and are often fans of cakes made using traditional recipes. However, it does matter where we go for such a taste experience.

There is a wide selection of confectioneries around Budapest, but if you are after a really premium category in every aspect, the places built on traditional values ​​are highly recommended. The Hauer Confectionery and Café, with 120 years of experience, also offers a traditional, but still cosy ambience. Experience has shown that this is just as important to guests as delicious food or professional service. Trends are moving in this direction in 2020 – cafés that offer delicacies based on tradition and quality, continue to gain popularity.

Guests are not only enticed by spectacular cakes, but also by coffee specialties. By now, breakfast dishes have also become an important part of a menu in today’s popular cafés. Stylish interiors as well as ambience going back at least a century are both very popular. It is not impossible to combine the two, making the guest feel as if they were travelling back in time to an age – when people had the time to sit down and have a cup of coffee or a slice of cake…