Our People

our people

Rochy András


Sales Manager

As early as I was in school, I knew that hospitality was my profession, so I began to work as a waiter during my studies. Then I learned the ins and outs of the profession at party service companies, in managerial positions after a while.

In 2011, my heart took me abroad: I worked for six years in London as the head waiter of the renowned Ritz in London. I came home in 2017, and soon I was asked to strengthen the management of the Hauer Café and Confectionery. It is a great honour, both professionally and emotionally, to be part of such an endeavour, so there was no question that I accepted the challenge.

We are all working to make the Hauer worthy of its old reputation – so that our visitors leave with pleasant experiences and become regular customers.

Magos Emőke


Master Confectioner

As one of the master confectioners, I’m responsible for the freshness and quality of our delicious cakes and pastries.

I have always wanted to be a confectioner since I was a small child. I graduated in 1996, then I worked in the renowned Pataki confectionery until 2013, learning the craft from great masters. Between 2013 and 2017 I worked at the famous Művész café on Andrássy út.

I think continuous learning and development are very important; this is why I completed several training courses and graduated as a master confectioner in 2015. My goal is to show the beauty of the craft to as many students as possible and to teach them the best of what I know.

Scheirich Arnold


Master Confectioner

I’m proud to be part of the Hauer team!

I graduated as a master confectioner in 2000. I always liked challenges, so I went to work for Princess Cruises on luxury liners as a confectioner between 2002 and 2010. After that, I was the head confectioner of the Művész café, then the Zsidai and the BocaDolce confectioneries.

I want to use all my professional experience and knowledge to give our guests a memorable experience.