Start the day at the Hauer!

2020 Mar 9

The way we start the morning can affect the whole day. Nobody likes morning rush, when stress is bound to be present for the rest of the day.
Some people think that they don’t have the time to start the day calmly and slowly, though in many cases it is only a matter of decision.

Nowadays, when living a healthy lifestyle is emphasized more than ever, it is worth
thinking about what ingredients are placed on the plate, what kind of food
goes into the sanctuary where our soul dwells.
Is there a way to eat healthy, even in a stylish setting, instead of just
grabbing a sandwich, some bakery product or fast food on the go? Not only
does Hauer Confectionery and Café have considerable experience in
pastries and cakes, but it is also an expert in sandwiches, egg dishes and
salads that help you start the day. A heavenly omelette or porridge, the
beloved favorite of those who want to lose weight, is guaranteed to give you
the energy that lasts until noon.
Of course, the environment in which the breakfast is served is also
important. At the Hauer, both the service and the food are both up to the
usual high standards. The traditional values ​​the Hauer represents are very
important, even today. Within the ever-expanding range of restaurants in
Budapest, the Hauer offers something rare, a place where we as guests
can get something completely unique, even if we only drop by for a cup of